War and Pieces

Tremor finally gets Unlost

Tremor falls a lot

[8:09:08 PM] Doc: LOG START
[8:10:00 PM] Ben: Tremor looks around at the collapsed tunnel area, trying to make heads or tails of his current surroundings.
[8:12:04 PM] Doc: It resembles vaguely an old ruined mine shaft, but without any of the safety features that you’d associate with mining operations. The tunnel is pretty huge, like a large transport was shipped through here, roughly scraping the edges of the jagged tunnel, if the scraps of debris hanging from the sides are any indication. You feel a vague sense of unease, but this seems to be heading roughly towards Yugash, you hope. Actually, if memory serves, this is vaguely in the direction of Jarish, the Holy City, though it would be a trip of several weeks by foot.
[8:14:10 PM] Ben: Tremor looks up to try and locate any wires or overhanging pipes or something to latch the Paramagnetic Tether Beam to.
[8:14:57 PM] Doc: There’s tons. The place is a wreck. You could brachiate if you had a second teather beam.
[8:17:13 PM] Ben: Tremor activates the Tether Beam, leaps into the air, latches it onto a nearby overhang, and, begins swinging towards another overhang, temporarily disconnecting the beam from the initial ‘tether point,’ and projecting it towards the next, using his momentum to propel him over the debris.
[8:18:41 PM] Doc: You proceed through a wrecked tunnel. It’s clear enough to walk along the bottom, so that’s probably not necessary, but that’s your decision. Your echo visor indicates something moving this way, though, so maybe it was a good decision.
[8:21:15 PM] Ben: While continuing to swing from overhang to overhang, Tremor tries to use his Mass Penetrating Scan to locate whatever his Echolocation Navigation Systems are picking up.
[8:22:07 PM] Doc: It’s not hard to spot several figures, humanoid, normal human consistency, moving towards you. They’ve got minor mechanical augmentations by the looks of their skeletons.
[8:23:45 PM] Ben: Tremor increases his pace, hoping to elude his potential pursuers, lest they be as hospitable as his last chance encounter.
[8:24:20 PM] Doc: They are moving in the direction you were just heading. Moving away would lead you back to where you started. Given that you’re in a tunnel, there’s really nowhere else to go.
[8:24:36 PM] Doc: Though there’s tons of stuff to conceal you, should you wish to hide.
[8:25:44 PM] Ben: Tremor halts his progress, and slowly lowers himself behind some debris in an attempt to gain reconnaissance.
[8:27:06 PM] Doc: The two figures move past you, apparently not noticing you. They don’t look Sovan. Actually, they look like outcasts. They’ve got three cocentric rings around their soulgems, and a number of decorative tattoos. They are whispering in a strange, gutteral slang you can’t make out.
[8:30:16 PM] Ben: While still a bit nervous from his encounter with the Sovans, shaken about how terribly he feels he’s strayed from the initial path, and possibly also a bit nautious from both his sudden shift in momentum, Tremor tries his best to remain unnoticed, while still giving chase.
[8:32:47 PM] Ben: It seems to become apparent to Tremor that isolating himself from the others was probably not the best idea.
[8:32:48 PM] Doc: It’s not hard. These fellows move into the area you wrecked, and start picking through the debris. They seem excited by the traces of something left in it, and a quick scan reveals that they’re holding scraps of your grenades. They also seem excited about several other oddly-colored metal scraps in the wreckage: bits of things that had been sitting in the water when you were there. The two of them assemble as many scraps as they can fit in their shoddy bags and start to head back up the passage.
[8:34:47 PM] Ben: Tremor examines the remnants of the grenades, trying to identify what it was that these fellows were excited about, what part of them they could have possibly found valuable.
[8:36:29 PM] Doc: It’s too far away to see, and there’s not much to see. The only thing your grenades leave behind is a thin shell of crystallized essence, which would be valuable enough to a homeless mortal such as these.
[8:37:16 PM] Doc: As they descend further, one of the mortals pulls out a broken bulb, glass removed to expose the still-functional filament, and plugs it into his arm, illuminating the tunnel for the dark passage up ahead.
[8:37:42 PM] Ben: Sighing in frustration, Tremor turns around and decides it best to continue down the path, hopefully finding something that will lead him back on his intended path.
[8:39:20 PM] Doc: You can see movement periodically, sometimes up ahead, sometimes from the walls. These old tunnels must be crawling with squatters. The passage is very dark, not that this is a problem, and rarely you see the glow of filaments.
[8:44:02 PM] Ben: For some reason, Tremor can’t help but feel like he’s being watched, as if some of these people had noticed him, or maybe even already knew that he was there.
[8:46:03 PM] Doc: You have no way of knowing, however. You’re not terrible at stealth, so you can only hope you’ve managed to succeed here. This place is pretty close to the tunnels you’re used to, aside from the consistency, so you are fairly confident that you’ll be able to hide well.
[8:46:38 PM] Doc: You reach an area up ahead with severe structural damage, and you can see holes in the walls that were apparently recently cut. Dried blood is found on some of the sharper edges; someone wasn’t careful going through here.
[8:48:04 PM] Ben: Tremor examines the cuts made in the walls, trying to compare them to the cuts made in the bridge leading to Kamak based on his memory of them.
[8:48:28 PM] Ben: While unlikely that they were made by the same person, it’s possible that they were made by similar tools.
[8:48:35 PM] Doc: They’re similar. But not exact.
[8:48:57 PM] Doc: These are much cruder and done on much rougher materials.
[8:49:27 PM] Doc: This leaves lots of jagged edges and sharp lips.
[8:50:31 PM] Ben: Taking into account that the cuts in the walls are likely much older than those in the bridge, Tremor concludes that they were most likely not done by the same weapon or the same person.
[8:51:13 PM] Ben: However, this does little to provide comfort, and he continues onwards with as much caution and silence as he can maintain.
[8:54:49 PM] Ben: He occasionally sweeps the area with his Mass-Penetrating Scan to try and see if anyone is following close behind, or make out any signs of his companions, should he be nearing a point where their paths might intersect.
[8:56:49 PM] Doc: Your mass-penetrating scan doesn’t pick up anyone noticably following you, though you do see plenty of people moving through the tunnels. Some of them are using prosthetics of some kind. Others are less lucky; you see a few missing limbs. Beyond that, it’s hard to see much detail. There’s a couple of large caverns nearby, including one really massive one up ahead, near what seems to be the end of this tunnel.
[8:59:37 PM] Ben: Tremor doesn’t really show that much concern for the others in the tunnel. Their inconvenience is not his to bear, and he has his own problems to deal with.
[9:00:22 PM] Ben: Nontheless, Tremor continues into the large cavern ahead.
[9:04:14 PM] Doc: The crubling ruins of some kind of massive hub remain here. Scrap from all over is assembled into various shanty structures in the crater of some huge burrow or ruin. Dozens of outcasts in various state of injury and reconstruction wander around this dilapidated hobo city, fighting over food, sleeping in lean-tos, and dragging scrap around to trade or take apart. Four huge tunnels like the one through which you entered lead off into the Great Maker’s body, and you can see the tattered remains of some Yugashi war machines in a shack near one of the tunnels. It’s pointed vaguely in the right direction.
[9:06:46 PM] Ben: At this sign of a potential lead, Tremor throws caution to the wind, and beings rushing towards the tunnel.
[9:07:34 PM] Ben: He is careful, however, to avoid the construction going on in the city; as a worker himself, he still feels the need to respect others’ work.
[9:07:39 PM] Doc: This, naturally, causes something of a commotion.
[9:10:17 PM] Doc: Several people point out the rushing figure charging the tunnel. Some of them pull out improvised or jury-rigged weapons, while others hastily head for their huts. Most stand in front of their huts with their weapons, and only a few seem to actively be trying to engage you—most notably, the ones with sturdy-looking mechanical augmentations. Up close, you can see that the limbs appear to be made of cobbled-together materials and don’t look very safe or healthy. Hardly surprising. The weapons are mostly rusted metal bars, some of which have jagged protrusions, while others are using spears or even swords. Only one has a crossbow, and it’s an older Yugashi model, though heavy ammunition.
[9:13:11 PM] Ben: Tremor begins weaving around people and leaping over obstacles, trying to work his way towards the tunnel. “Hey, outta the way! I need to get into that tunnel!”
[9:14:07 PM] Doc: They shout at you in their strange language. They sound more terrified than angry, but a few oversized rusty crossbow bolts narrowly miss you. You make it into the crumbling tunnel, and a few guards try to swipe at you with their machetes or spears.
[9:19:41 PM] Ben: Realizing that the tunnel will most likely collapse, Tremor uses his Paramagnetic Tether Beam to grab several of the oversized crossbow bolts as they wizz past his head, and ties them together with a piece of metal netting to function as a temporary support to hold the tunnel up long enough for him to slip through before it caves in completely.
[9:25:08 PM] Doc: The tunnel is far too big for such a cobbled-together support, and you have nothing definite to attach your odd net to, but you have no trouble passing into the gaping maw of the tunnel.
[9:27:09 PM] Ben: Tremor looks further down the tunnel, wondering if there might be something to give him a sign that this path was the right one.
[9:28:25 PM] Doc: Not really. But you’re being chased by an angry mob, so you’ve got no other options.
[9:28:34 PM] Doc: Unless you’d like to fight your way back.
[9:28:50 PM] Doc: Turning back will require a Conviction roll.
[9:29:10 PM] Ben: While realizing that the materials he collected probably wouldn’t be sufficient to hold up the tunnel, Tremor decides to hold onto them for now, and continue down the tunnel.
[9:29:58 PM] Ben: “…I’m not very good at this whole ‘not pissing people off’ thing, am I?”
[9:30:47 PM] Doc: The air in the tunnel is warmer, much like your homeland. It smells of oily residue, and rust. You are heading into what looks to be another air duct when the passage around you starts to creak again.
[9:31:12 PM] Ben: “…Oh crap…”
[9:31:19 PM] Doc: A crossbow bolt strikes you in the shoulder. It hurts a LOT more than it should. It’s also really heavy for some reason.
[9:31:47 PM] Doc: The impact sends you spinning, and you knock against the wall of the tunnel, which immediately shatters, sending you falling into darkness. AGAIN.
[9:32:19 PM] Doc: As you fall, the air around you seems oddly distorted, like you’re falling faster, or slower, or possibly in the wrong direction. It’s hard to tell, as you’re spinning.
[9:33:26 PM] Ben: Tremor activates his Paramagnetic Tether Beam and starts flailing it about wildly, hoping to latch onto something, anything to stop his fall.
[9:34:31 PM] Doc: You feel nothing around you, and your echo visor doesn’t give you any help. Your beam catches nothing, and you flail in vain. Suddenly you change direction, and come blasting through a thin rusty membrane onto a metal bridge with a “clunk”.
[9:35:04 PM] Doc: It’s quite painful, but as you feel the edge of a cliff of some kind under your arm, you realize it could have been worse.
[9:36:14 PM] Ben: Tremor slowly opens his eyes to try and take in his surroundings, temporarily forgetting about the crossbow bolt lodged in his shoulder.
[9:38:54 PM] Ben: “…I am getting reeeeeeeeeeeally sick of falling.”
[9:38:56 PM] Doc: There’s a huge, gaping chasm before you. A dull red glow is visible below, and something moving en masse before it. It’s hard to make out due to the distance and the fact that you’re still a little stunned from the impact. Your shoulder feels very cold for some reason.
[9:39:38 PM] Ben: Tremor reaches for the crossbow bolt and yanks at it, trying to remove it from his shoulder.
[9:40:15 PM] Doc: It slides out, causing almost as much pain as it caused going in. You get a close look at it. Soulsteel. That mortal launched a soulsteel bolt into your shoulder.
[9:41:06 PM] Doc: The arrowhead is crude. It’s clear they didn’t have the strength or tools to actually make anything out of it, so they just strapped a piece of metal to the cast-off soulsteel chip from something and shot it at you.
[9:41:08 PM] Ben: “Ow…I guess it’s a good thing that the person I’m trying to find is a doctor…”
[9:42:30 PM] Doc: Speaking of doctors, that smell from below is distinctly chemical. But not the kind you’d like to smell right now. It’s got a sour, acrid sting to it, like battery acid, or toxic runoff.
[9:43:53 PM] Ben: Feeling rather uneasy, Tremor struggles to his feet, and tries to look at the area around him, trying to find some way to get back on track.
[9:45:35 PM] Doc: There’s a huge metal bridge before you, passing over the chasm below. It looks pretty solid, at least, more solid than the tunnels you’ve been falling through today. Occasionally, arcs of lightning move around the area, illuminating sections of the wall, showing the rust or mold or rubble from above. None get close enough to the bottom for you to see, though a few are nearing it.
[9:46:17 PM] Doc: There’s some old steam vents on the other side, leading up. It’s quite a climb but you could do it with your crawlspace creeping unit, especially if they’re off.
[9:47:00 PM] Doc: You feel a rush of hot air from below as the mass shifts, and it occurs to you what that red glow is. Molten metal.
[9:47:21 PM] Ben: Tremor approaches the steam vents, activating his Crawl-Space Creeping Unit for support, and begins climbing.
[9:47:24 PM] Doc: And the steam vent… you’re near the elemental pole of Steam. No wonder it’s so horribly hot.
[9:47:58 PM] Doc: As you take one last look down at the molten river, a brilliant flash of lightning illuminates the bottom of the chasm, and then you see them.
[9:48:30 PM] Doc: Gremlins. Hundreds… maybe thousands of them. No wonder this area is so warped and smells so bad—you’re right on the edge of a blight zone!
[9:49:35 PM] Doc: And it’s huge. You’ve never seen another, but you have no idea where the borders go except down, and you can smell the acidic tinge of rotting biomechanical cancer from the monsters crawling around the edges of that burning stream of slag.
[9:51:00 PM] Ben: Tremor begins scrambling up the vents, trying to put enough distance between himself and the blight zone, and now finding himself wanting his current location not to be close to Ot, though still wanting to be close to finding Glass.
[9:52:25 PM] Doc: The steam vent is still warm, and twists and turns in ways that make your head spin. Many times, you’re not sure if you turned around in the tunnel and started heading back down by accident, since gravity seems to shift. For what feels like hours but could have been mere minutes, you scramble up (down?) and never stop moving. That’s the one thing you can be sure. Never stop moving. Never stop—
[9:52:44 PM] Doc: You catch yourself this time, unwilling to take yet another tumble into an unknown fate.
[9:53:02 PM] Doc: The mouth of the steam vent is open as you hang from your tether beam.
[9:53:26 PM] Doc: You can’t help but feel a little shiver of triumph as you finally keep yourself from falling.
[9:54:22 PM] Ben: Tremor slowly pulls himself back up his tether beam, and continues his ascent/descent(?).
[9:54:42 PM] Doc: You’re at the end of the tunnel, going up would mean going back. And you recognize the area above which you’re hanging.
[9:55:20 PM] Doc: It’s the burned outcast camp in which you fought the Apostate. In fact, if you remember correctly, this could easily be the vent through which he escaped!
[9:55:50 PM] Doc: This would be great information if you actually knew how far you’d travelled through the vent.
[9:58:22 PM] Ben: Tremor slowly lowers himself down into the remnants of the outcast camp, eyes darting around the area, quickly switching to his X-ray Visor, then his Echo Visor to help with his investigation.
[9:59:17 PM] Ben: If what Clock had said before was accurate, it was possible that Glass was here.
[9:59:24 PM] Doc: There’s nothing left here. You and your friends cleared this place out pretty well. Aside from a slow fuel leak in one area, this place is pretty much empty. Even the machine spirits haven’t started scavenging it. You wonder idly if this is what a blight zone is like before the gremlins move in.
[10:00:10 PM] Doc: You see no sign of any living things, Champion or no. The remains of the camps are long burned and cold. No recent tracks beyond your recent fight are visible as far as you can tell.
[10:01:39 PM] Ben: Disheartened, Tremor looks for the path that he and the others took to reach this location, seeking to check in with Autocrat Kerok at Ot and see if any sign of Glass had been spotted.
[10:02:15 PM] Ben: However, with this, he also remembered that the group had been summoned back by the Tripartate, meaning that people would most likely be looking for him.
[10:03:42 PM] Doc: You know the way back well enough. As you pass through the pockmarked chamber, you have a brief vision. A hammer. Bombs. A hulking suit of armor, bringing the hammer down on you—is that Nine’s? Nah, couldn’t be. He wasn’t around when you were still mortal.
[10:03:51 PM] Doc: Still, it’s a little… unnerving.
[10:05:54 PM] Ben: Tremor looks back down the path, feeling that, whatever happened here seemed to be connected to his past, and if he stayed, chances were he would be able to find out more.
[10:07:32 PM] Ben: However, he then turned and looked the other way, remembering the miner back in Kamak, who had trusted him to bring back the doctor that could potentially save his city, and Spires, and her promise to arrest him and his ‘friend,’ whoever that meant, when he returned to Kamak.
[10:09:09 PM] Ben: Tremor finds himself torn between his curiosity of the unknown and his promise to help the people who had placed the fate of Kamak in their trust that he would find their doctor…
[10:09:16 PM] Doc: LOG END



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