War and Pieces

The Long Way

In which Spires hates everyone

[10:08:45 PM] Kevin: “Sirs, be advised. The road is icy. Keep our footing carefully or you may die.” Nine warns the group as a whole, with a dull toned voice, as cold as the ice he’s walking on. He heads up the party, keeping watch for obstacles and volunteering without a second thought to be the first to step into the traps waiting for them.
[10:11:09 PM] Axel: “Duly noted, Nine’s,” Clock says, with his head turned towards the Soulsteel Champion. Turning his head towards Arbiter, trying to strike up friendly conversation, “So, do you have any idea how long this long way will take?”
[10:12:05 PM] Doc: “Never been to Yugash, myself, but I imagine a few days at least. I have been part of this way before, escorting a pilgrimage to Jarish.”
[10:14:08 PM] Kevin: “The way has not been as steep as I had first anticipated. This path will not slow us down too much. I posit the same man walking this path in a hurry, could outrun himself walking at a normal pace on the catwalk. This is favorable.” He seems eager to return to Yugash, but perhaps it is not Yugash itself he seeks to get closer to.
[10:16:34 PM] Axel: “Yes. I would like to get back soon and talk to Tremor. Running off like that was a strange thing to do. I really would like to get an answer,” Clock states, stroking his chin, before turning to Spire, “By the way, I don’t believe I asked before, but did you see any sign of him when you went looking?”
[10:17:06 PM] Doc: “No. He had departed.” She is curt, and sounds annoyed.
[10:18:15 PM] Axel: “I must say that if it weren’t for the fact that it was a terrible idea, that would be impressive,” Clock muses.
[10:18:51 PM] Kevin: “Than at least we know he either made it across safely or is dead. The information he knew is definately not in enemy hands. I am releived. I did not relish the idea of having to kill him myself.”
[10:19:25 PM] Axel: “…Nine’s.”
[10:19:33 PM] Kevin: “Apologies sir.”
[10:19:38 PM] Nate: Steel rumbles, pulling his poncho up to ward off the cold, and shifts a suspicious glare at Spires. “Yes. Very impressive, that he could outrun you with your jets.”
[10:19:58 PM] Doc: “My jets do not allow me to walk through walls.”
[10:20:25 PM] Doc: “Nor do I possess an X-ray scanner to determine which of many side passages he could have entered.”
[10:20:43 PM] Axel: “I’m sure she made every effort. It does us no good to be seperated,” Clock tries defusing the situation
[10:20:59 PM] Kevin: “Mind the drop. Roughly three feet with a small patch of ice at the bottom. Tread carefully. This would be the choke point I’d have chosen for an ambush.”
[10:21:00 PM] Doc: “The bridge passes through an old ventilation and air conditioning system. There are a lot of openings.”
[10:22:37 PM] Axel: “And I appreciate the effort, Spire. You went out of the way to help us, and for your effort, I am greatful,” Clock says with a wide smile.
[10:23:29 PM] Kevin: Nine’s has to lower himself very carefully, with nothing to grab onto, and a rather steep looking drop awaiting any who trip, he does not want to be careless given his role as the party’s protector and guardian.
[10:24:07 PM] Axel: “Everything clear, Nine’s?”
[10:24:24 PM] Nate: “Mm,” he replies, apparently placated, and he easily steps down across the ice. He may not handle cold well, but he moves with as much grace on ice as on metal. He’s less talkative than usual, staring ahead and lifting up his Autolabe occasionally to monitor their direction.
[10:25:53 PM] Kevin: Nine’s helps the dignitaries down one by one. He is surprisingly gentle given how stern he perpetually looks.
[10:25:59 PM] Kevin: “No sign of ambush sir.”
[10:26:40 PM] Doc: The mortals seem nervous about being in close contact with the chilling Soulsteel caste. They nod, tremblingly grateful, before carefully walking across the ice with their cleated boots.
[10:28:23 PM] Axel: “Excellent job, Nine’s,” Clock commends him. He turns back to Arbiter and Spire, “So, will this be your first time visiting another country on such a mission?”
[10:30:53 PM] Kevin: Nine’s secretly wishes he had cleated boots. Or that he wasn’t so heavy. He and ice do not get along. It’s hard to move or change direction. He maintains his doubts as per his own usefulness in a fight as to not scare anyone or make the party feel vulnerable. For now he knows he has to be imposing. Like a great big shadow of a mountain. This big, scarey, unstoppable thing. He is the guard-dog of two nations. It was a role not chosen for himself, but chosen for him from birth, and one he performs without question. Without selfish thoughts. Without doubt. He keeps his faith in himself, hoping to give others faith in him, and to turn that faith into order and calm at all times.
[10:36:53 PM] Doc: “Nah. Like I said, been to Jarish. Nice city, but awfully warm for my taste. It’s got the most gorgeous lights across the bridge. Golden all the way across, and one of the Metropoli actually hangs from the ceiling! It’s pretty spectacular to see, especially during the holidays,” says the boisterous Jade.
[10:37:22 PM] Doc: Spires is less jovial. “I don’t often leave the city. My office is Internal Affairs, so I’m usually kept close by.”
[10:38:03 PM] Axel: “It sounds wonderful. Hopefully I can get the chance to see it during our travels,” Clock says, with a twinkle in his eye.
[10:38:58 PM] Axel: “And I’ll admit, our city will probably be a little warm for your liking, but it is still a wonderful place. Though I suppose everyone feels that way about their own homeland,” Clock chuckles
[10:39:02 PM] Kevin: “My office is Internal Affairs as well.”
[10:39:25 PM] Doc: “What are you doing in Kamak, then?” she snaps back.
[10:39:40 PM] Kevin: “What is asked of me.”
[10:39:53 PM] Doc: “We police our own just fine.”
[10:40:33 PM] Axel: “I’m sorry?” Clock says, confused at her statement.
[10:40:41 PM] Nate: “They’re with me. International affairs are my job,” Steel snaps back sharply.
[10:41:43 PM] Axel: “I don’t believe policing was mentioned,” Clock says, still confused, “But I imagine it’s a hard job, and it must constantly be on your mind.”
[10:41:53 PM] Doc: “Clearly. Just remember that noses that poke where they shouldn’t be for too long are likely to get frostbitten.”
[10:42:22 PM] Nate: This one, he can’t resist. “Yeah, I don’t poke stuff with my nose.”
[10:42:53 PM] Doc: “All the more reason for you to not poke into Kamak,” she says, not missing a beat.
[10:43:00 PM] Kevin: “I was not sent as a representative of Internal Affairs. I was sent as a large man with a large hammer. Humans may send me on missions I do not see the point of. They may cause me to suffer for the good of the nation. They may tell me I am for one thing, and use me for another, and some day, they will choose to destroy me. But they are my masters right or wrong, and I am sworn to serve them. I do my duty ma’am and make peaceful concourse with other nations when asked despite what I think. I suggest you do the same.”
[10:44:20 PM] Doc: “I am protecting my nation from dangerous agencies. It is my job to ask difficult questions. If you have a problem with this, then I suggest you avoid returning to Kamak.”
[10:44:55 PM] Nate: “Anyway, we were given orders to come to Kamak seeking trade relations.” He pauses thoughtfully; they may as well be told, so they aren’t surprised when they arrive in Yugash. “Then we were given orders to stay at home and be useless, which we ignored. Don’t be surprised if we’re whisked off for disciplinary hearings when we reach our destination.” His brow creases suddenly, and he looks forward again, chewing his lip.
[10:45:55 PM] Kevin: “Actually…sir.”
[10:46:02 PM] Kevin: “…nevermind.”
[10:47:13 PM] Axel: Clock sighs, “Probably not the best time to mention that, but he is unfortunately most likely correct.”
[10:48:33 PM] Kevin: Nine’s has no intention of rusting in a detention cell for a week while a threat may be growing right in his back yard. He feels a bit…sickened? He isn’t too familiar with the feeling, but he knows its source. He is considering out and out breaking the law.
[10:51:27 PM] Kevin: “This is a long, cold walk.”
[10:52:05 PM] Axel: “Indeed,” Clock says, trying to find away around the akward atmosphere.
[10:53:17 PM] Axel: “So, Arbiter. Do you have any facinating tales of adventure? I would love to hear of your experiences,” He says, trying to strike up another conversation.
[10:56:50 PM] Doc: “Eh… I’m sure Spires has heard all these a million times. I’ll wait until she’s a little less miffed before I start rambling.” He smiles sheepishly.
[10:57:17 PM] Axel: “I understand,” Clock returns the grin.
[10:58:13 PM] Axel: “I do have to say though, I may not be much for the cold, but your city is lovely, and as long as we are not court marshalled, I would love to extend the same hospitality to the both of you.”
[11:02:05 PM] Kevin: Nine’s seems to shut up for a while. He can see his own eye reflected in his visor as the cold clouds it, and he can see his whole life shineing out of those reflections. Service. Service to people who built him because they know they cannot protect themselves, and yet they expect to use him to do the job they knew they couldn’t do in the first place. “Perhaps the cold is getting to me…” he thinks to himself, maybe he mumbles it a little. But he tries, as he has so many times in the past, to see past the first time he was woken up by his second team. To see what had happened to his first. Those men who build an ultimate defender of the law, but did so with numberous illegal means. Had he himself killed them? Were they bad people who intended to use him for bad perposes? Or were they ultimate altruists, who did what had to be done to defend the law, by breaking it, and then used their creation to rain down justice upon themselves? “And either way…what does that make me?”
[11:03:13 PM] Nate: “Man, you think this is the worst I’ve ever done?” Steel has a… reputation with the Tripartate for doing what he thinks is right, and bending or ignoring direct orders to do so. A dangerous streak of individualism, but they can’t afford to discipline him too harshly, and he knows it. “We’ll be fine, and they have another job waiting for us. At the least they’ll defer punishment.”
[11:04:28 PM] Axel: “I suppose you make a fair point,” Clock agrees, tapping his chin with his first finger.
[11:10:09 PM] Kevin: Nine’s turns, as if he is about to say “We ought to submit ourselves for punishment.” but he just looks. He weighs the words on his tongue, and just keeps walking forward. He cannot unsee his own eyes staring back at him in his visor. He wishes her could just flip it up. Just take the helmet off. But then something clicks. His helmet has never been taken off before. Not even by his own crew, to his knowledge. Built into his neckplate are special mechanisms that only he can latch and unlatch. Even unconscious his helmet could not be removed without heavy renovation of his body. If his creators had intended for him to be a two faced protector of justice and law, they had given him the perfect disguise, his own face. The idea of doing what had to be done to most effectively protect everyone, versus following the law into an unmarked grave filled him with anxiety, but becoming two entities in one body, a protector of both ideals in one somehow seemed perfectly natural and logical to him.
[11:14:09 PM] Kevin: “Things are becoming clear…” he absentmindedly mumbles.
[11:14:22 PM] Axel: “Nine’s?”
[11:14:55 PM ] Kevin: “The ice clears up…up ahead. See?”
[11:15:13 PM] Doc: The tunnel abruptly stops, opening up into a wide plane with a very low ceiling, less than 10 feet up. The two foreign Champions stay close to one wall, with the mortals between them. Arbiter motions to follow.
[11:17:04 PM] Axel: “Well,” Clock muses,“At least we have a change of senery.”
[11:17:58 PM] Doc: “Once we get past the filter, we’ll be getting close to an oil refinement station. This area floods at certain points, but it’s clear for now. Still, I’d stay close to the wall, just in case. The tunnels don’t fill. We can camp at the station. I think our companions are getting a little tired.”
[11:18:56 PM] Axel: “That sounds like a good plan,” Clock agrees.
[11:20:37 PM] Axel: “Nine’s, take up the rear, just in case, and make sure no one is lagging to far behind. Steel, take point, and watch for any damaged or loose footing,” Clock says, making sure that they are prepared.
[11:21:14 PM] Kevin: “Understood sir.” He nods and falls to the back, keeping an eye out for toothy grins.
[11:22:50 PM] Axel: Clock nods to Nine’s, glad that his meaning seems to be clear to the faithful soulsteel.
[11:25:15 PM] Kevin: Kevin smiles, but no one sees him smile.
[11:28:10 PM] Nate: “Already there,” Steel replies, moving ahead of the group easily and striding into the dark, filters up, his modified eyes searching not for loose footing, but… movement. This isn’t any special understanding, it’s just personal paranoia.
[11:29:28 PM] Axel: Clock turns to the two foreign champions, “Shall we?”
[11:31:40 PM] Doc: “Right behind you, brother.” “Very well.”
[11:33:40 PM] Axel: Clock nods as he walks with the diplomats and champions, making sure to check to see both Nine’s and Steel every couple steps.
[11:33:52 PM] Doc: The ground is slick and grimy, oily residue coating every surface. Tiny scavengers clean oil, returning it to various openings or simply eating it.
[11:34:58 PM] Nate: Banner’s there too. Probably gagged.
[11:35:27 PM] Doc: “So, Clock. Once we get to the station, perhaps I can start showing you the basics of the style I’ve been practicing lately. I’ve been researching it as a way of battling gremlins. I understand it should be quite effective against them.”
[11:37:07 PM] Axel: “Ah, wonderful! I welcome your teachings,” Clock says with a wide grin across his face.
[11:50:16 PM] Kevin: “It is impressive.” the stealthy juggernaut remarks, coming up from the rear as they close in on the station. “But too complex for my liking. Meant perhaps for smaller, more nimble men. Give me one simple punch to practice one thousand times over one thousand glorious moves to practice once.”
[11:54:42 PM] Doc: You reach the base of a huge factory, looming over the thin drain in which you were walking. Rickety ladders lead up the sides towards the roof, and it is to these ladders that your companions lead. “It is safer up top, where we will not be washed out,” one of the mortals says. He is a slight man holding a curved satchel under one arm. His short-cropped hair is covered by a warm hood, and he is wearing a pair of thick black synthetic combat gloves.
[11:57:25 PM] Axel: “Excellent. Steel, Nine’s. Go make sure it’s clear.”
[11:59:38 PM] Nate: “Yeah, I’ll head on up first,” Steel calls back, already well up the first ladder and climbing nimbly. “Keep an eye on Banner for me, don’t let him run off,” he adds, smirking.
[12:00:30 AM] Axel: “Will do!” he shouts back with a smile.
[12:02:30 AM] Doc: It’s rather empty up top, but surprisingly clear. You barely noticed, but you’re above a layer of fumes emitting from the residue, and it will probably be easier for the mortals to breathe. It’s certainly clearer, though quite dark (no problem for you). The roof is mostly flat. There’s little to no cover up here. At least nothing can really sneak up on you.
[12:04:23 AM] Kevin: Nine’s gets up there second with a little more effort.
[12:04:50 AM] Kevin: “Sir, can you see any places through which a sniper may be able to conveinently ambush us?”
[12:05:22 AM] Axel: Clock hear’s Nine’s comment and face palms
[12:07:26 AM] Kevin: Is that not a fair question?
[12:07:42 AM] Kevin: There is no situation in which sniper fire is completely out of the question.
[12:07:48 AM] Kevin: And these people have snipers.
[12:08:44 AM] Nate: “Yeah, pretty much everywhere,” the Moonsilver casually replies, reaching down to help the first mortal diplomat up the last few rungs.
[12:09:23 AM] Kevin: “Than perhaps we ought to find someplace less attractive. You were concerned this was a trap. What must be in every trap?”
[12:10:10 AM] Nate: “… I dunno, somebody getting trapped? Ideally?”
[12:10:21 AM] Axel: “I was not concerned it was a trap. Meerly that we should be cautious,” Clock sighs.
[12:10:36 AM] Kevin: “…”
[12:10:45 AM] Kevin: “Understood. Sir.”
[12:12:13 AM] Kevin: Nine’s helps the last of the dignitaries up and keeps a stern eye out for as far as he can. Something is bothering him, thati s obvious, but it may take a more practiced eye to see that it is not only his reservations about this spot that’s getting to him.
[12:14:25 AM] Doc: One of the mortals, the eldest by far, with one quarter of his face including one eye replaced with a mechanical prosthetic, scans around. He produces a small electric lamp and holds it up. “I understand we’re vulnerable up here, but if we build a shielding structure with our tents, might we risk a little more light? We do need to be able to perform basic duties and reports before sleep.”
[12:15:18 AM] Axel: “Agreed,” Clock nods, “And we should have watch cycles as well.”
[12:15:23 AM] Kevin: “That would be wise. Yes.”
[12:16:30 AM] Doc: “We don’t need to sleep,” says Arbiter, patting his chest. “Only do when I want a recharge. I’m good all night.”
[12:17:00 AM] Doc: “I suggest cycles, nonetheless, to alleviate boredom,” says the gloved diplomat.
[12:17:15 AM] Doc: “I do not get bored,” says Spires.
[12:18:01 AM] Axel: “None the less, it gives you time to also perform any other task you feel you need, be it cleaning of a weapon, or any sort of discussion,” Clock suggests
[12:19:11 AM] Doc: She does not respond, but nods her understanding.
[12:19:20 AM] Axel: “I won’t presume to be in command of you, and if you wish to stay watch all night, I welcome the extra eyes. I simply suggest this as a way to rotate duties,” he says, offering her a smile.
[12:20:20 AM] Doc: “As I understand, your group has quite effective eyes on them already. My help is hardly needed to see whatever you like.”
[12:20:44 AM] Doc: She says this rather bitterly, though it isn’t clear at whom her scorn is directed.
[12:24:48 AM] Axel: Clock is a bit taken aback by her bitter tone, “My dear Spire, I apologize if we have offended you during this trip, but I hope you understand that any offence is not intended.”
[12:25:37 AM] Kevin: Kevin tenses up, a chill running up his chilled spine. Even he knows better than to call a commanding woman by a pet name. He braces himself for a shitstorm.
[12:26:33 AM] Doc: “Your apology is noted. And unnecessary. My grievances will be addressed at an appropriate time. I will cycle my shift as suggested,” she says through gritted teeth.
[12:27:32 AM] Kevin: Kevin thinks to himself. “Oh…that was worse than it looked.”
[12:28:09 AM] Axel: “Thank you. Which shift would you like? I would prefer to have Steel as last shift while watching over banner, and I would like to take first watch with Arbiter, if that would be okay with the two of you?”
[12:28:10 AM] Kevin: Kevin vents some tiny whisps of steam from under his shoulder plates.
[12:29:39 AM] Doc: Arbiter interrupts. “Gladly, my friend. Got to hone my awareness a bit anyway. We can train after our watch ends.”
[12:29:51 AM] Doc: The decision made, Spires sits down.
[12:30:04 AM] Doc: “I will take last shift with Steel, then.”
[12:31:38 AM] Axel: “Actually, I was hoping you would be able to keep watch with Nine’s for second shift,” Clock suggests.
[12:31:46 AM] Doc: “No.”
[12:33:15 AM] Nate: “No objections here,” he murmurs, glancing over at her as he rubs his chin, sitting down and unrolling a few things from within his jacket.
[12:33:23 AM] Axel: “Very well. Nine’s, do you feel up to solo duty for mid shift?”
[12:33:44 AM] Doc: The mortals set up their tents around the lamp, forming a barrier to block some of the light.
[12:33:49 AM] Kevin: “Whatever…”
[12:34:10 AM] Kevin: Nines has never said that word in that context before. He’s never used that tone of voice.
[12:34:46 AM] Kevin: Nine’s snaps up.
[12:34:52 AM] Kevin: “Yes sir! No sir! U-understood!”
[12:36:06 AM] Kevin: “The cold is getting to me…” he thinks to himself, starting to feel a panicking little man pulling levers and pressing buttons randomly in his head.
[12:37:33 AM] Axel: Clock is a bit thrown off by Nine’s unusual manner, “Then do your best to warm yourself up before your duty. We should do this in 4 hour cycles. That should be more then enough time for plenty of rest and to accomplish anything that you need while we’re out here.”
[12:37:57 AM | Removed 12:38:39 AM] Kevin: This message has been removed.
[12:39:27 AM] Kevin: “Understood sir.” he says sternly. Like he would have if he was warm. If he wasn’t shivvering. But what he feared the most was facing that he wasn’t shaking because he was cold.
[12:43:32 AM] Axel: “Very well. Then, shall we start are first watch, my friend,” he says with a smile to Arbiter.
[12:44:29 AM] Doc: Arbiter eagerly sets off to patrol the perimeter.
[12:45:19 AM] Axel: Clock sets off to keep watch from on high, and from every direction.
[12:46:50 AM] Nate: “… Those too are way too fucking chipper. Hey Nines, you doin’ okay?” Steel pushes himself up, now that Clock and Arbiter have gone, and strides over to the Soulsteel. “You’ve been acting nervous as shit.” He keeps it quiet, at least, but his concern seems genuine.
[12:47:26 AM] Kevin: “…it is…of great concern to me…”
[12:47:54 AM] Kevin: “What happened to my building team? You’ve heard the reports I’m sure, but not before the stories.”
[12:48:20 AM] Kevin: “I have become something of a hushed legend at home. A boogyman character.”
[12:50:43 AM] Kevin: “People do not respect me. They fear me. This may well have been my team’s intention. But it makes me wonder what other intentions they had for me. If I find them out, ought I follow them?”
[12:53:59 AM] Nate: He whistles softly, sitting down. “Yeah, that’s…. a bit of a hairy story. Tried to look into it myself once, didn’t get too deep. I mean, I lost interest pretty quick ‘cause the chick who runs the archives from fifteen-thirty to twenty-four hundred? So hot. But yeah, I mean… look. I dunno what to tell you here, man. I mean, I know what I’m supposed to tell you, but you know that yourself, I’m just sayin’… Those dudes put some nasty shit in you, and you’ve used it for the people of Yugash so far, right? I don’t see any reason that’s gotta change. I mean, yeah, what you’re made for, that’s important shit. That’s your purpose. But it’s not all of you.”
[12:55:05 AM] Kevin: “We were born with purpose.”
[12:55:42 AM] Kevin: “Does it ever seem to you that humans desire purpose? They don’t seem to appreciate their own frivilousness. I envy them that.”
[1:01:37 AM] Kevin: Kevin looks like some mix between shark, bear, and tank. To hear him speaking like this is a bit surprising.
[1:01:37 AM] Nate: Steel laughs a little. “Yeah… Champions seems like a really stupid word sometimes. Maybe babysitter, or servant. Born straight into responsibility. That’s what they don’t get. Not all of them, anyway. You see Kerok, he knows exactly where he stands. Better than we do, maybe. They don’t have purpose because they don’t have responsibility.” He frowns. “They go to the factory, they do the same thing over and over for nine hours straight, they go home. If they screw up, there’s layers of redundancy. It’s something… I dunno how much you’ve talked to Glass, but I always find the… idea of Creation so strange. People are self-made there, you know that?”
[8/9/2012 1:02:28 AM] Kevin: “Impossible.”
[1:03:45 AM] Kevin: “I do not care to hear fantastical children’s stories. I’ve been one.”
[1:06:18 AM] Nate: “I’m just sayin’, man. You and me, we do what we do… it’s not just because they made us to do it. We have responsibilities. I know it was probably a little weird for you, with us sorta… bending and ignoring the rules.” He shrugs. “But I was thinking about the people of Kadar. They need food and power.”
[1:07:12 AM] Nate: “So what made you do it? What comes to your mind when you’re doing your job— your creators, or the people you’re helping?”
[1:08:47 AM] Kevin: “I’m a living contradiction. Human, and yet machine. Meant to represent the law, and yet build of a big pile of unlawful activity. I do not think much of doing my duty. It has been all that I have had to focus on since I was awoken by my second maintainence team. It’s what keeps me from thinking of other things. Dangerous things I’d be better to keep my mind off of.”
[1:11:15 AM] Nate: “… Know what? You’re comin’ hunting with me sometime. You gotta blow off some steam, man, in a hella bad way. Get you a hobby, maybe get you a little nicer reputation, maybe even get you a little ass.”
[1:12:13 AM] Kevin: “Affixing a differently sized part to a large chassis is against protocol.”
[1:12:50 AM] Nate: “Well, that’s not quite what I meant, but it’ll still be necessary.”
[1:13:54 AM] Kevin: “I have hobbies. I feed and maintain the wellbeing of my cat as per my team’s instructions. I also do paperwork.”
[1:14:28 AM] Nate: “It’s a cat?”
[1:15:19 AM] Kevin: “It is meant to resemble one.”
[1:15:49 AM] Kevin: “I have been instructed to treat it as one. I do not see the point, but I follow my team’s instructions.”
[1:16:29 AM] Nate: “Might be their way of trying to keep you a little more human? Or some twisted experiment, I dunno. It’s, uh. It’s cute?”
[1:18:34 AM] Kevin: "I would not know. I have reason to believe the process by which they mechanized it was painful to the rat. Sometimes it jumps on my desk and interferes with work, then I put it on the ground and it distractingly rubs against my legs. And it constantly makes a noise like “Miw” or “Moa”."
[1:19:14 AM] Kevin: “They told me I could only get rid of it once I saw its value.”
[1:19:37 AM] Kevin: “I am reasonably confused about what that was meant to mean.”
[1:21:55 AM] Doc: “Kamaki Champions are not permitted to own organic pets due to the scarcity of rats in our territory. We are occasionally allowed to requisition machine spirits or small automata for personal companionship if it is desired.”
[1:22:15 AM] Doc: Spires hasn’t spoken for a while, so her voice echoes rather awkwardly.
[1:25:41 AM] Nate: Steel actually sits up, as if he had forgotten about her presence, and almost seems embarrassed at being caught in the midst of philosophizing with Nines. “Oh. Yeah, it’s not exactly common in, you know, Yugash, either. I actually managed to get a riding machine.” He sits back. “So, uh, how ‘bout you? ’F you don’t mind me prying, what do you do for the people of Kamak?”
[1:26:52 AM] Doc: “I told you. I handle Internal Affairs. It is my job to make sure that those tasked with maintaining our city and protecting it from threats do not become a threat themselves. It is a rather unpopular job, but it is quite necessary. And I am respected, at least, if not loved.”
[1:28:57 AM] Doc: “Some attempt to curry favor with me in an attempt to get on my good side. This is foolhardy. I do not have a ‘good side’.” She makes a dismissive gesture.
[1:31:24 AM] Doc: “Others think that they can appeal to my logic. But in this, they are gravely in error. I do not culture Clarity. I find it makes it harder to understand what makes criminals tick. I like to feel anger. I like to feel hate. It gives me a reason to keep working. And it keeps me sharp, since I don’t let it soften the impact. I understand those I capture very well. I get into their heads. I make sure I know they deserve it.”
[1:31:57 AM] Kevin: “You’re too human to not have a good side.”
[1:33:38 AM] Doc: “My good side is the satisfaction of seeing justice done. The protectiveness I feel for my city when I purge a threat. When I uncover a source of corruption. When I unmask a spy.” She pauses for a moment. “But this is not something to which an individual can appeal.”
[1:35:26 AM] Kevin: “I like you.”
[1:37:30 AM] Kevin: Nine’s shifts position and feel a little more at ease. A little less cold. His warring desires to see justice done at any cost and to see the law fight off chaos feel less immediate and loud in his mind. Right now, the two are one and the same, and he has to focus on this mission before he’ll have the luxery of deciding whether to live into his public face, or to fulfill his secret ambition.
[1:38:10 AM] Doc: “I don’t like you.”
[1:38:39 AM] Kevin: “That is wise ma’am.”
[1:39:19 AM] Nate: Cough. “Well. Hopefully we’ll find somebody you can unmask later, and maybe you’ll get the pipe out of your ass.”
[1:40:08 AM] Doc: “Perhaps I’ll have a chance to put my boot in someone else’s,” she remarks with a snide grin.
[1:40:54 AM] Kevin: “If there is a pipe up this woman’s posterior, I’m sure someone of her strength and influence could have gotten it out if she did not want it there sir.” Nine “jokes”.
[1:41:45 AM] Nate: “Then there’s only one conclusion we can make. That poor pipe.”
[1:43:55 AM] Kevin: "These are examples of the famed Yugashian “Levity” you have no doubt heard about. Jokes are common in Yugash, they even could be considered a piece of our cultural heritage." Nines explains unnecessarily, feeling the need to explain himself whenever he’s not completely serious.
[1:44:39 AM] Doc: “See why I don’t bother with Clarity?”
[1:44:56 AM] Nate: “Nines, we’ve been over this. Jokes stop being jokes when you explain them, or even worse, explain that they’re jokes.”
[1:46:25 AM] Kevin: “I remember sir. I will refrain from doing so in the future.”
[1:50:32 AM] Kevin: Nine’s remains relatively quiet for the rest of the scene.
[1:52:25 AM] Kevin: Nine’s fondly regards Autochthon.
[1:58:47 AM] Doc: As the mortals fall asleep, the light slowly dims. No obstacle for you, but things grow quiet for some time. As Clock and Arbiter returns from their shift, Nine’s stands and silently takes vigil. The two martial artists begin training just outside the circle of tents, and the Great Maker continues to sleep, fondly regarded by many within his body.
[1:58:53 AM] Doc: LOG END



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