Yugash is dying.

The Elemental War has been over for nine years, and while recovery efforts have been vigorous and determined, the fact of the matter is that Yugash just doesn’t have enough materials to sustain their populat for much longer. With the Metropoli losing power, the population dropping, and the massive amount of resources being diverted to Project Razor, it’s only a matter of time before Sova attacks, or some natural disaster left only temporarily disabled by the war wakes up. The nation is living on borrowed time.

Yet there is hope. In a desperate gamble to save the ailing nation, Grand Autocrat Kerok has spent all but the last scratches of magical materials remaining to construct a team of new Alchemicals. Unscarred by the war, full of idealism and determination, they are a shining beacon in the darkness that is the Land of Brass and Shadow.

This is you. Given what few tools and supplies the country can spare, imbued with the faint memories of the greatest mortal heroes of your nation, and driven by the image of a brave new world or a glorious recovery to call home once you return with allies and supplies, you set out to return the investment of trust and materials that went into your creation.

Maker speed your journey, Champions. Or there might be no home to return to.