The Elemental War

The greatest event of historical significance in almost
5,000 years of Yugashi history happened only nine
years ago.
By 4869 DA, Sova faced a crisis of unparalleled proportions.
Their stores of the Magical Materials were almost
entirely depleted. Sova beseeched Yugash to share its
resources, but Yugash rebuffed the most ardent and humble
appeals alike, giving the Sovans no explanation for their
refusal to render aid. In reality, Yugash had recently seen a
string of failed expeditions into the Reaches. In one instance,
an entire survey force had been lost. In another, they uncovered
a Blight Zone where they expected an abundance
of raw materials. They waged and won a two month war
against an army of gremlins, only to find that the area had
been stripped clean. So when Sova came to Yugash seeking
assistance or at least trade, Yugash found itself facing the
same shortages. The Yugashi, perpetually defensive of their
resources, feared the consequences of admitting such weakness.
Tensions escalated, with Sova’s communiqués growing
ever more urgent; Yugash steadfastly rejected all offers of
future recompense.
Eventually, tragedy struck: Ixut tapped too deeply into
Autochthon’s resources and drew a massive autoimmune
response from the Great Maker’s body, destroying the city.
Sova’s surviving people were stunned: a major center of
culture, commerce, and national identity had collapsed
into ruins before their very eyes. Sova blamed Yugash and
went to war.

—Compass of Celestial Directions VI: Autochthonia, pp. 29-30

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The Elemental War

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