Pain's Gavel

A powerful and terrible hammer used to capture rogue gods.

weapon (melee)

Soulsteel Goremaul (4 dots)
Sp. 5
Acc +3
Dam +10B/2
Def +0
Rate 2
Tags O
Soulsteel: Drains (Essence) motes upon dealing damage, cannot be more than the number of health levels done in Step 10.

1 wp: For the remainder of the scene, Pain’s Gavel deals only bashing damage which cannot wrap around into lethal and cannot reduce the target below incapacitated. Every time it deals damage in this time, a stackable -1 wound penalty is inflicted on the target as excruciating pain paralyzes them.
3m: Supplemental ability; when Pain’s Gavel strikes an immaterial target, as long as any successes are left in the attack, and if it overcomes hardness, the target MUST materialize. If they do not have enough motes to do so, they materialize with an empty mote pool.


A horrifying black mallet of grim reputation, last seen at the beginning of the Elemental War. It vanished for many years. It was in the possession of Engine Nine’s Revenge when he was transferred to Ot.

Pain's Gavel

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