War and Pieces

Under Siege

We can't leave you guys alone for five minutes, can we?

The wandering heroes finally returned home from Kamak, and were surprised to find Ot relatively defenseless. The bridge was abandoned, the guards were missing, and it generally seemed like—
Oh, that’s why. There was a siege going on.
The Apostate army that Tremor had found launched their attack while the team was away, and were it not for Tremor’s shortcut, he likely would not have made it back and the city would have been caught off guard. The party arrived a few days after Tremor, and found several sections of the city already abandoned, the lights out on the upper tiers, and people hiding in shelters.
Steel found a dead apostate and an open emergency shelter in which to hide the dignitaries; Spires flew Banner up to the upper ring to find Clock and the Grand Autocrat; Arbiter stayed with the dignitaries; the others went to fight. They encountered lots of drones, both gremlin and non, and found a Sodalite holding Glass’ wrench (and using it like a cudgel far too big for him). They sent him back to the shelter with some protection and pressed onward.
They found the fanged apostate again, fighting (and winning) against a Colossus named Bridge over the Great Ravine, Jade caste (blue and red). After using him to demolish a building, the apostate fought the group, and was quickly overpowered as the Colossus wrecked his army. However, it was soon discovered why the apparently deadly apostate was so easy to capture and kill.
He was a bomb.
The decoy exploded in a mass of black tar, dealing severe damage to Clock and slightly less damage to Nine’s, after which they beat a hasty retreat back to the shelter to rest while Steel and Tremor headed up to find the Autocrats.
The tower was heavily, heavily guarded by guys with the heavy artillery. These brave mortals had already killed one apostate, and a number of drones, and were waiting for more. They happily saluted the Champions as they passed further up the offline elevator shaft, cheerful despite the large number of casualties, happy for the service they were doing for their city.
Unhesitatingly Loyal Weapon was inactive, locked into interfacing with the city itself to manage the external weapon systems. Banner was operating communications, and the Grand Autocrat was issuing orders, while sodalites managed the few online machines and Weapon. There wasn’t much time for talk, and the group returned to fight on the front, which was rapidly moving back to the abandoned sector and the shelter in which the others were hiding.
They got there just in time to watch the building get demolished. Fortunately the shelter remained intact, and the group was there, though badly damaged, to deal with a turret-toting apostate that arrived. When they began to get the upper hand, another apostate arrived with a shout of “BANZAI!” and challenged the wounded Clock to a duel, which he accepted.
While they fought, Nine’s and Arbiter pinned the other apostate, and as Nine’s interfaced with him to trap him in his own mind, Steel turned him into an ex-apostate with a well-placed bolt. Clock and the maniac duelist fought to a near-standstill, doing minor damage, but Clock was losing due to his more severe injuries (though the crazed apostate wasn’t unhurt himself, having been stepped on by Ravine). Clock managed to resist being poisoned, and kept the evasive duelist busy long enough for reinforcements to finish dealing with the other problems. Clearly outmatched, the apostate vanished with a strange tar teleportation technique.
Bereft of leadership, the gremlins were soon routed, and the city was saved, if damaged. As the group met with the Grand Autocrat for thanks and information relaying, they prepared to set out for Kadar to recover and prepare for the memorial for those lost.
Now, another question remains: Where in the Great Maker is Glass?



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