War and Pieces

Missions and Debates

In which the party sets out and then returns.

A shining font of hope in the Land of Brass and Shadow.
The newly minted Alchemicals were summoned to a meeting with an elder statesman regarding a mission on which they would soon be sent. It’s been two years since they were forged, and in this time they’ve been working on their public personas and support, while preparing themselves for the missions they had yet to be given. When they arrived, it was under considerable confusion and secrecy, compounded when the “elder statesman” turned out to be the Grand Autocrat Kerok himself!
“None of what I am telling you must leave this room,” he informed them, before relaying to them the knowledge that Yugash is suffering from incredible shortages of magical materials and supplies of energy. Their creation was a dangerous gamble on Kerok’s part, as he hopes their presence will turn the tide and reimburse their investment considerably, allowing the state to finally finish the mysterious Project Razor. He also warns them that the mission will be very dangerous and they will not be able to get much support, due to secrecy. There have been rumors of gremlins, or possibly saboteurs from the hostile nation of Sova, that may interfere with travel along the cluttered tunnels around Yugash.
The party was introduced, and got a feel for each others’ personalities.
Deceptive Flexibility of Steel, Moonsilver caste, the flashy celebrity and master infiltrator, who keeps a smile regardless of danger and is driven to finish what he starts.
Engine Nine’s Revenge, Soulsteel caste, an ultra-lawful, high-clarity inquisitor whose creation is shrouded in unanswered questions and who has become Ot’s face of THE LAW.
Ever-Ticking Clock, Orihalcum caste, a hot-blooded man of the people whose compassion and bravery are matched only by the quality of the inspirational speeches he writes.
Tremoring Dynamo of Unearthed Hope, Jade caste, a fatalistic but extremely clever technician who is haunted by visions of his past and armed with an explosive “personality”.
Kaleidoscopic Brilliance of Glass, Starmetal caste, a timid bleeding heart of a doctor who is not prepared for field work but is prepared for even the worst medical complications.

When they set off to establish trade routes with the prosperous nation of Kamak, they soon found that many obstacles blocked their paths. After dealing with some fix beetles that had damaged a bridge in their mindless drive to repair other things, they found a massive hub/choke point between Yugash, Sova, and Kamak, that triggered memories of a war and hints of something just off their intended destination. When they found a horrifically wounded, dying exile warning them of gremlins, they put the poor man out of his misery and followed the path stealthily to a burning encampment, where a hooded man and his gremlin camera spiders greeted them. The party was unable to stop the apparent apostate, but caught a glimpse of his razor-sharp metallic teeth, and with style and power worthy of the champions of Yugash, devastated the monstrous gremlins. On the way out, some of the Champions noticed a gleam of something crystalline in the passages beyond, but decided not to pursue without any clues.
They soon returned home to make a report of the unexpected incident. Two factions emerged here: Steel favors Grand Autocrat Kerok’s view that they should worry about that Apostate later and finish their vital mission of establishing the route. Clock and Nine’s favor an investigation into the metal-mouthed man and his gremlins, in case an undiscovered blight zone threatens Yugash, and Clock has gotten most of the Tripartate to agree. Until this is resolved, it seems the perfect machine of this party will grind to a halt.



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